We help companies unlock the hidden potential of their leaders and teams in ways that

improve profitability, sustainability, and culture.

Our System

We are a boutique firm, and every client is different. We custom design trainings and coaching experiences based on your unique needs.

We have a combination of unique delivery methods and processes that crack the code on establishing lasting organizational behavior changes in a relatively short period of time. Our proprietary and evolutionary system can eliminate months of frustration often associated with developing strong leadership and building a cohesive, collaborative team.

From strategic business design, to culture development and leadership training, our methods can help your company become a truly great place to work.

While we custom design every client project, there are some universal needs that pop up repeatedly. They include:

  • Conscious Communication: effectively manage tensions within the organization, between team members, and within oneself by integrating advanced communication skills and other powerful techniques
  • Emotional Intelligence: become more self-aware as a leader or team member so triggers and biases no longer get in the way of greatness, and deepen your ability to connect with others
  • Purpose: understand the greater purpose of the organization and the alignment of the leaders to this purpose, and committing to living from Purpose

With these trainings, we see a remarkable shift in our clients’ ways of Being. Since you’ve read this far, we’ll let the cat out of the bag: what we’re really doing is helping people raise their level of self-awareness, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and conversational intelligence. That’s really what makes companies great places to work, and what makes your people peak performers.

sun in ocean depth

Our work is based, in part, on the work of Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, Christine Comoford’s Smart Tribes, Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations, Mackey and Sisodia’s Conscious Capitalism, and Senge, Scharmer, Jawarski, and Flowers Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future.

Our methods are unusual, and unusually effective. We regularly use disruptive tools like Liberating Structures, Improv and other “right-brain” activities, neuroscience based activities, classical coaching and facilitation tools, and accountability activities between sessions that helps to anchor the learning. This unique combination helps to get participants out of their minds and into their hearts, which is where real change can occur. We are huge advocates of giving people an embodied experience of what we teach; without that, lasting change isn’t possible.

Our Philosophy: We are deeply committed to seeing peace to the planet before we die. So why the heck are we corporate coaches and trainers? Because to have peace in the world, we have to have peace in our hearts. We can’t have peace in our hearts if we’re miserable at work.

We believe that the company itself has an innate wisdom, and that it knows what wants to emerge from it. When we, as leaders, cultivate the ability to get quiet and listen to what wants to move through us, we can allow for that growth and expansion to happen with grace and ease.

We believe that each member of the organization has an innate wisdom, that they are all smart, creative, resourceful people who can solve problems at the source when they’re given the right tools and empowered to do so.

We believe that open, honest communication is like the number 42: the answer to the world, the universe, and everything (at least according to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). It forms a critically important foundation for a business to grow sustainably and profitably, while honoring the unique skills and talents of all team members. Thankfully, anyone can learn how to be an open and honest communicator.

We believe that fostering Culture can not be an afterthought, and it can’t be simply a list of values stuck on the wall. For a business to be sustainably profitable in the 21st century, the right culture is essential for success. When culture is embedded into the daily environment, when each team member lives the culture from within themselves, success is inevitable.

We believe that everyone is a leader, or at least has the potential to be a strong leader. There are a set of tools, skills, and habits that can be learned and used not just at work, but in life. Great leaders take the time to develop and empower their teams. Our desire is to teach millions of people how to be great leaders. When that happens, we WILL have peace on the planet.

Meet the Founder


Dynamic, energetic, Leadership and Business Development Coach, and Six Sigma Lean Professional (Green Belt) with impressive experience in implementing organization­ wide change strategies for both Fortune 500 companies and small business owners. Adept in combining coaching, training, and project leadership skills to help clients build dynamic, sustainable revenue growth while creating deep meaning with their work.

Core competencies include: Motivational and visionary leader with superb analytical and root cause identification skills; laser­ focused determination in identifying and implementing leverageable models while rallying stakeholders to embrace change; knowledge of change principles and methodologies; proven success with implementing methods for confronting and eliminating barriers to change; exceptional communication, influencing, problem solving, and listening skills; quickly establishes rapport with diverse stakeholders.

In her spare time, Johanna is an avid paddler and hiker, a poet with a penchant for slam, wife to the best husband on the planet, mom to a remarkable young woman, and “dog mom” to Petey the Amazing Tripod.

Contact Johanna at johanna@nextgenorgs.com

The “we” that is referenced throughout this site refers to a fantastic collaboration of coaches, consultants, and trainers who’ve aligned together to help more businesses operate as conscious businesses. They include professionals well versed in personality trait assessments like DISC, MBTI, and StrengthsFinder, experts in the fields of equity, diversity and inclusion, neuroscience-based stress management, the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism, governance for self managed systems (like holacracy) and conscious Human Resources.