We have several delivery methods for working with companies. Our approach for Leadership Training usually combines 1:1 coaching sessions and group master classes. We also customize our coaching and master class programs to insure we are aligning the leadership development to the Company’s vision, mission, and culture. Our leadership series impacts your business by:

  • Aligning your leadership team with the Company’s vision, mission, and culture
  • Developing more conscious leadership throughout all levels of the organization
  • Embedding a culture of trust throughout the organization
  • Teaching leaders how to more effectively manage tensions (polarity) within divisions, teams and themselves
  • Developing a communication platform that eliminates confusion and conflict and fosters conscious communication
  • Helping leaders align to their own purpose in service to the purpose of the organization

Developing a conscious leadership team aligned with your Company’s vision, mission, and culture requires more than just one-on-one coaching. The one-on-one sessions are designed for an individual to uncover the polarities (tensions) within themselves and between themselves and others, deepen into their own leadership presence, and establish a philosophy and system of leading others based on what they’re learning. Although the one-on-one coaching is critical, equally important is developing a cohesive leadership team together. We have found that this can only be accomplished by coming together as a community to develop trust with one another, build confidence, encourage collaboration, and align a consistent culture by establishing consistent system, behaviors, and actions.

Following is an overview of our stepped approach to building an empowered and conscious leadership team:

Strategic Business Visioning Session

  • Create a shared vision for the type of culture and environment the Company desires
  • Listen for what wants to emerge from your Company
  • Understand the type of leadership necessary to cultivate this shared vision, and
  • Align this shared vision to KPIs
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One-on-One Coaching

  • Managing Polarities: this program helps address the polarities (tensions) within oneself and between self and others. This course builds self awareness, reduces or eliminates unconscious biases, and helps to further develop the so-called “soft skills” essential to great leadership.
  • Lead Like a C.O.A.C.H. is an in-depth exploration of the five qualities of a successful leader: Courage, Openness, Alignment, Creativity, and Humility. Prerequisite: one round of Managing Polarities coaching, or a high score on the pre-coaching assessments.
  • Both coaching programs run in 6 month increments
  • There are pre-assessments for each program and assignments between sessions

Master Classes

Establishing a conscious culture requires consistency and team building. Throughout the term of the Coaching program it will be essential to bring the team together to learn and practice together the essential components of conscious communication, managing polarities in groups, and experiencing deeper self-awareness via the reflections of others.

Email and phone support 

We provide email and phone support throughout our time coaching. We recognize that real time coaching is essential to the growth of every leader. In addition to the monthly coaching calls, participants will have the option, if necessary, for a 15 minute laser coaching session twice a month. We respond to all emails within 48 business hours.

Topics Covered:

Some of the topics we cover in Master Classes include: Managing Polarities, Conscious Communications training modules, Claim Your Seat at the Table (for women and other minorities), Cultivating Courage, Make a Bigger Pie: Unpack the “Two Choice Dilemma”, Emotional, Social, and Spiritual Intelligence, the Three Levels of Trust, Building a Conscious Culture, and Conscious Capitalism. Other topics can be customized to your organization’s specific needs.